Flight cases designed and manufactured for safe transit, security and storage

Carecross are specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke flight cases & protective boxes for storage and transportation of fragile and technical equipment.

Our product range also includes protective flight cases for musical instrument, scientific cases, medical cases, instrument cases, video cases, road trunks, electronics cases, shock proof cases and bespoke flight cases to suit all needs.

Quality flight case manufacturing

Every flight cases is designed and manufactured to provide maximum protection and secure storage for your equipment and its operating conditions. As we design all flight cases to order we can also provide for every flight case a wide choice of handles, hinges, corners, catches, wheels and castors, and accessories to suit the fight case application. We can also provide flight cases with lid and tray and removable end options.

We manufacture all flight cases and trunks in the UK to first-class specifications. Whatever your flight case specification in terms of weight, strength, size, internal configuration and external finish we can match your flight case needs.


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