Copter Cases

CAM00126I’m not sure any one product better symbolises how technology has given the opportunity to make a living from something so exciting,as when we have made cases for aerial photography.

The cases fall into two categories.There are cases for the cameras that are mounted beneath a helicopter-giving us for example the incredible wildlife shots and sequences that always appear as if

chanced upon but in reality required a lifetimes trial and error.These cases tend to need a stable of different sized and shaped boxes such is the complexity of the kit.

The other version of Copter boxes are the unmanned hovering variety,these are also used extensively for filming ,for survey work,really anything that benefits from an overhead view.Which just emphasises how advances in technology can simplify the world we live in-as shocking as that idea may sound in our gadget filled world.

Now there is no way that these valuable, intricate pieces of equipment could be shipped in cardboard boxes or palletised.Not only do they need to reach and return from faraway destinations,but will also need to be moved over differing terrains when in theatre.

They also give the user the ability to operate more effectively as all the accessories needed will be with the main piece of kit.

Now aerial photography conjures up challenging and interesting work,but what is to stop anyone from a hobby or profession that does the same?So release your imagination and film The Great Barrier Reef or flower fields in the Himalayas,perhaps taking soil samples or testing water quality are other examples.

Whatever your expertise or interests we can make you a box,which maybe you will open somewhere you may have dreamt of doing something you may have – dreamt of?

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