The travelling nature of Flight Cases

There is a bit of a clue in the name-Flight Cases-that these little beauties are meant for travel.So of course if you need precious items to be handled by others via a variety of different travelling means-from van/lorry to plane and taken to faraway venues,perhaps hospitals,laboratories,theatres or into the field-then look no further.

The following account gives a taste of how our boxes,while practical and no nonsense and an essential part of your travel requirements,also add a little romance to travel.For this is a tale of travel on an epic scale,evoking images of heady,trail blazing times when the world was a mysterious unchartered place.

So the adventure begins like this,our two cases are hung beneath a converted army truck housing batteries and tools for the journey ahead,the truck growls into life and turns out of a South Devon Farm Yard, swings past hedgerows and through lanes to get to the open road and making it on time for the Ferry across the Channel.France will be the first country the cases and truck will pass through,but there will be countless others.Through southern Europe and the across the straits to Africa.Firstly traversing the arid deserts and mountains of North Africa,having survived these parched,dusty lands its south through Central Africa with its humid jungles,teaming rivers and dazzling,frenetic cities and peoples.

Next comes the south of Africa-immense distances being covered,the view of Savannah hopefully punctuated by glimpses of wildlife along the way.Then finally to the Cape,Oh,and then the return journey all the way back up the map.You just don’t get a more Ripping Yarns,gripping,sweaty,testing real life adventure than this.

Now remember that though perhaps, more as extra’s than as the leading players, cases have always been an essential and evocative part of the adventure.What would any dockside or railway station scene be without piles of cases to be loaded aboard?There is a reason why cases have always been in the backdrop,as evocative as they look,the reason is the last thing you need when reaching your far flung destination is to find everything you have packed is now not in one piece but more akin to a jigsaw in terms of pieces and complexity of rebuild. So whatever your need, before you travel,get your cases made and then enjoy the adventure.

Last word on this story.Two good friends of mine(Simon and Lindy) are making this journey,so when the truck conversion is complete we can then follow theirs, and the cases, African Odyssey.

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