When we think of trolleys, we picture something practical slowly wheeled and probably precariously stacked.They are a workhorse of the working environment – maybe a little uninspiring.

Well here is news that dispels that image-trolleys ARE exciting! Take a look at this trolley.


It has the push bar of a four man toboggan,the wheels of a high performance Go Cart and it carries items that will enable us to jet through the skies.No longer will trolley duties be thought of as a trudge,not with this rugged looking easy to manoeuvre chariot!

Well perhaps you would like to know why it makes business sense to invest in bespoke trolleys.

One-They save time,if you move multiple delicate items you may spend time stacking or wrapping them.Purpose built,with slots or shelves, you can stack and go.

Two-Save breakages.Delicate perhaps expensive means extra care in handling.If the trolley is compartmentalized or foam wrapped you can minimise heavy handed human error issues.

Three-Storage.Items can be stored close to hand or in anticipation.You may already be spending money and space on housing items.This way they are stored and mobile.

These trolleys use a specifically soft plastic to grip aerospace components that need to be pristine throughout the manufacturing process.Perhaps you have an item that needs the same kid gloves care?

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