Delta Bars

Delta Bars from RhinoThe Delta Bars System combines the benefits of a modern aerodynamic
profile shape to minimise wind noise and significantly reduce fuel

  • Fuel efficient bar design
  • Constructed from light yet strong high-tensile alloyed steel
  • Up to 60% less wind noise

– As well as the above, the Delta Bar System retains the virtues of strength using light
yet strong high-tensile alloyed steel.

– The system offers superb strength and versatility for the transportation
of loads, supported by an excellent array of optional extras.


Optional accessories are available below:

These include:

– Load Stops
– Rear Roller System
– PipeTube
– SafeClamp®
– Ladderstow®
– SafeStow3®
– Beacon Holder

Delta Bars with loadstops
Delta Bar rear roller system
Delta Bar Light



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